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Shezmu Cellars is dedicated to advancing local artists and providing unique opportunities for it’s customers. In order to help do that, we are looking to host an artist each month and provide for them display space and a gallery event! Here are the main points; please submit the form on this page to begin the conversation for more information.

  • Display 7-25 pieces of original wall-mounted art for one calendar month
  • Additional pieces that do not mount on a wall are welcome too
  • Host a 4-hour gallery event on last Sunday of month to display even more work
  • Sell your displayed/gallery pieces
  • No commissions – No fees
Artist Requirements
  • Be able to display a minimum of 7 original wall-mounted pieces with an additional minimum 5 original pieces of any kind to add to exhibit for gallery event
  • All pieces must be ready-to-sell
  • Make no less than one post per week per social platform and include a tag for Shezmu Cellars.
  • Be on-site as host for gallery event on last Saturday of featured month
  • Provide payment options for buyers
  • Be responsible for set up and removal of artwork at winery
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