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Main Three

My Banana

This hopped mead starts off like pilsner, but finishes like a white wine. My Banana redefines what carbonated mead should be with an IPA-like price point and a notable lack of the sweetness that is typical of mead. NOTE: Does not taste like, nor contain, bananas.

5oz 2.75
10oz 5.5
16oz 8
32oz 11

Naunet is the Egyptian word for the watery abyss from which all creation was formed. This traditional Mead contains only water and Georgia Wildflower honey. It serves as the foundation for all of our other recipes. A big honey nose before yielding a dry palate with notes of crisp green apple, spring wildflowers, and complex honey characters throughout. Served in a stemmed chilled glass.

Glass 11
Bottle 42
To Kill a Blackberry

This Mead isn’t like the rest. First it is on nitrogen instead of CO2 which gives it a smooth & creamy texture. Then, it gives way to intense blackberry flavor with hints of vanilla that proves not all meads need to be sweet. Think of this like a sour beer on nitro.

5oz 3
10oz 6
16oz 8
32oz 11
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