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Want to perform at Shezmu Cellars?

We host live performances on Saturdays. Often it’s a showcase of one performance, but we occasionally do open mics. Here’s a rundown of our structure:

Who can book/play/perform?

Musicians, comedians, variety acts, bands, you name it. We have a stage for your show. Our heart lies in giving artists a platform to get their talent heard and seen. If your act is stage-based, you’ll fit in. As for music, we like Americana, Rock, Folk, and Indie-Songwriter style bands.

What equipment does Shezmu Cellars Provide?

  • Harbinger L1202 twelve-channel mixer
  • Harbinger Vari V1015 powered 15″ speakers
  • 2x Musician’s Gear Digital Reference DRV100 Vocal Mics on stands
  • XLR cables for inputs
  • Lighting
  • Fan

Artists are encouraged to bring their own XLR cables or mics if you have favorites and will need to bring any additional equipment needed such as pedals.

What’s booking at Shezmu Cellars pay?

Our staff pushes for tips hard from the bar for our performers and they do well because of it! We also extend a $25 bar tab credit to our performers so you can partake of our drink selection.

Paid performances are based on a percentage of alcohol sales. We are not flexible on this structure because it allows for a mutually beneficial relationship. In addition to the credit given, we pay 10% of alcohol sales from the time you begin to 20 min after your show ends.

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